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Don't bother trying to explain Angel

How you paint your face with blood and tears and cover up

Meg Miller
30 January
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When I don't want to talk on the phone I answer it in French.

I'm normally on a diet... or depressed... which sucks because it tends to even out a lot.

I'm a freak, but I enjoy myself
!@#$, a perfect circle, activism, aim, alkaline trio, alternative thinking, anarchy, anime, badminton, baking orgasmic brownies, baths, beads, being weird, black nail polish, boys, candy, carebears, chatting, classic rock, coffee, coldplay, converse, craziness, creative people, diet cherry pepsi, dimples and freckles, disorders, disturbed, dorks, driving, earrings, email, emo kids, equality, exercising, family guy, fashion, female participation, flirting, flying, freckles, freedom, french vanilla cappucino, friends, fuse, futurama, garage bands, geeks, girls, god, goth, green tea, greg cresci comics, grunge, guys with glasses, hardcore shows, having money, hippies, history channel, history through film, indie films, irish boys, jello, jesus, jewelery, kissing, late nights, laughing, laziness, listening to music, making fiends, making fun of people, mardi gras, marilyn monroe, marylin manson, metal, muse, napoleon dynamite, new orleans, ninja turtles, noodles, nudity, old films, open mindedness, peircings, philosophy, phone calls, photography, pictures, piercings, pin up girls, platform boots, playing pool, poetry, politics, positive youth, procrastinating, punk, randomness, reading, religion, riot girl, rock, rock'n'roll, running, sarcasm, self-destruction, sex, silence, sleep, sleeping, slipknot, snuggling, soulfest, study halls, sushi, system of a down, taking baths, taking pictures, talking, tattoos, the 90s, the history channel, the verve, theatre, thrift shops, tongue, travel, underground, vegetarianism, vintage everything, vinyl, writing, xxx, yelling