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hahaha - Don't bother trying to explain Angel

Jun. 22nd, 2005

12:05 am - hahaha

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Today I went to the D- Shack, looking for the pot smoking mice

Callie randomly decided to clean, cut, & polish my toes... good old Callie!

Callie killed her car. It was hilarious. I won't tell the details.


Callie says she never loved me... yet she just threw her shorts at my head & said "I'm ready for you"

I'm a sped monkey.

Callie talked to Canada.

Chocolate chip monkey banana bread... WTF?!?!

My pudding tastes like box.

Today we chased a red car... cause we thought it was Heather Malette... "That's not Heather!!"

Went to agway to look for Sunshine. He wasn't there... go figure.

Made an effort to swim across the lake... but Callie's afraid of deep water... yet not of deep throating ;).

We're balloons.

I passed Matt!!

We ate & got winked at a lot. Good old Parishville.

Callie Killed Her Car, & I laughed... a lot.

I have to go rub Callie's feet now...

We looked for food for an hour... we ended up with box pudding(rock hard) & fruit salad from a can. We're teenagers, give us a fucking break.

SUN SHINE DITCHED ME!!!! Kevin is going to give him a message "Wave good- bye to Megan!! Bye Sweety!!" It's sad... when I yell at Munchkin he won't call me sweetie... maybe honey...

I'm paniced. I love Deronde. ;). Happy Birthday soon!!!

Callie: Your boobs are really bouncy!
Me: Why Thank You!!!

Me: why don't you get Menthols?
Callie: What's the difference between Menthol & regular?
Me: Menthols are minty
Jon: They have fiber glass in them
Callie: Is that good or bad?
Jon: They make your lungs bleed...
Callie: Hey! At least you'll die with minty breath!!

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Date:October 19th, 2005 11:38 pm (UTC)
Love you too =)
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